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Time and time again, HBM has seen facility staffing disproportionate to facility needs. Often times, when you have disproportionate staffing size and siloed responsibilities you see a breakdown in collaboration and communication. Many times team members will work independently or not at all!  Drawing from our many years of experience, we implement mandatory industry specific education to train everyone to be able to do anyone's job. HBM is here to improve your operations and can give you the best advice for your facility. Ultimately the choice is yours on the level and number of positions. We will work together to come up with the best staffing model for your school.

From Human Resources down to your Professional Janitorial Staff, making an informed decision means you need to have the correct information. As a Professional Facilities Service company, HBM, does exactly that. We provide you with the operational information you need while simultaneously working a pro-active plan that reduces risk.

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HBM's systems are designed so you can focus on your most important tasks while controlling costs, mitigating risk and ultimately improving your bottom line.