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Consultative Approach

If you do not have a proper facilities program there is no need to worry. We specialize in helping build sustainable facilities maintenance programs for our clients. This is our life's work and what we do best.

Many of the schools we engage with do not have official facilities programs, nor do they have proper facility budgets. Many times, there are different understandings of what facility budgets cover and what budget categories the facility or related structure should be in. With guidance from one of our program specialists, we will ensure that your facilities department will flourish in no time.

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Who Runs Your Program?

Most schools share high-level responsibilities between various administrative positions. Often times, they employ a day porter that requires the assistance of other faculty and staff to fulfill these duties. Something like this can become an even more daunting task for people when they have to also coordinate with outside vendors.

Over time, the results of these practices turn out the same. Campus facilities start to fail and buildings and infrastructure start to degrade due to reactive maintenance. This multiplies year after year to the point where you are spending thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in reactive repairs and maintenance. This problem needs to be solved from the highest level by implementing a proper pro-active maintenance program.  

Ruins from the Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York City

Facility Life Expectancy

One big challenge is to really understand what your current facilities life expectancy is. Mistakes in this area have hindered some schools so much that they have to cut staff, cut enrichment programs, or even close their doors permanently.

Time and time again we have seen schools apply too much of their focus on capital funding campaigns for new buildings. This usually leaves the current generation of staff with a smaller budget to care for existing buildings. A slash in this budget can mean that your current facilities may not make it to their expected lifespan. If existing infrastructure is left uncared for, it can sustain so much damage that it could be closed for repairs, condemned, or even collapse. The difference in price from this outcome compared to continuous upkeep of your facilities could be millions.

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Maintenance Plan

If you plan on remodeling or building something new, your rate of inspections from regulatory authorities will increase. This means more eyes on your assets and their conditions from your lending bank and government agencies.

You could have the best intentions in the world, but one wrong decision or inaction could destroy decades of hard work that have gone into maintaining a facility. With our experience in the industry and our pro-active approach, we believe we can work with you to develop a facility service plan that will minimize these risks.



The Best Way To Get Started

HBM has the experience to develop a plan for your school. We think the best way to get started is with a quick self-assessment. This way you already have an idea of the condition of your facility.  

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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