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We can meet you anywhere in your journey and provide you with a unique plan that grows with you. Our services can range from our full program implementation to strategic advisory and management.


Our diverse team is made up of countless professionals with years of experience in various industry types. Our best practices and proven methods will set you up for continuous innovation and improvement.


We will achieve the goals of your organization by working intimately with every employee ranging from frontline to C-suite executives. We want to activate every employee to drive adoption and engagement.

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Hear from one of our customers and learn how we help schools just like you to achieve their goals and make an impact.


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Employees First


We were founded on the belief that there are no shortcuts to providing high quality facilities solutions.


Our goal is to change the way you think about facilities, by allowing us to create sustainable Facilities Programs that support & enhance our client's mission.


 We work together and take ownership as a team so that we can provide outstanding services which surpass our client's expectations.


"The word SERVICE at HBM really means something to the communities we serve, and to me personally, it means everything!"

Tray Hines

Founder and President

At HBM our passion is to help the people who help others. I started working at a young age for my uncle during summertime doing janitorial, carpet cleaning and light maintenance at a large resort. At age 18, I landed an entry level job at a nationwide service organization. As a result, the organization, I worked for helped me expand my education to the highest levels of operations, building engineering, landscaping, lighting and security. With my job and educational experience maxed out I found there was a need within the operations management system that was not being addressed. That is when HBM was formed.

Partnering with schools small and large I found I could serve the people and communities that really mattered to me the most. I am excited about the talent of people who have joined HBM. I am also humbled by the great people who work here. All of the HBM staff, client partners, service partners and friends are the vehicle that makes this the company what it is today.


Gus Garcia

Director of People Operations

My career in Human Resources has given me the opportunity to work in different industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, and now facilities management. One thing I've learned that is pretty constant is that, if you surround yourself with people that have different ideas, backgrounds, and experiences, you will be constantly learning.  As the Director of People Operations, I am responsible for ensuring that our company provides a culture of inclusion that supports our staff while keeping with our philosophy of providing the best service. I look forward to continuing to learn from the talent that we have at HBM. 

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Rebecca Hines

Director of Finance Operations

I pursued a career in healthcare and worked in that field for about a decade, inspired by my interest in helping others. Towards the end of my time there, I started exploring finance on the side of our family business. At first, this was necessary, as we needed help finding finance experts who could truly serve our clients and employees. However, I soon discovered that I enjoyed working with numbers. I wanted to know how many people I could help by doing finance for our company. Fast forward a decade, and we have served hundreds of people, representing thousands of children on a daily basis. I am immensely proud of our staff, who have become like family, and the growth of individuals within our company.


Nic Guedenet

Vice President of Operations

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role at HBM is the opportunity to bring my extensive 20+ years of experience in Facility Management to life. I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge and expertise with both my colleagues and clients. By working closely with our clients, I ensure the successful implementation of their personalized Facilities care program. At HBM, our success is directly linked to the success of our clients and employees in this process.

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Jose Casas

Operations Manager

With over thirty years of experience in custodial operations, I have successfully managed and maintained large commercial, retail, and educational facilities. My expertise lies in floor care, optimizing custodial processes, and fostering team collaboration. However, my true passion lies in empowering our team members to grow and excel in their careers within our company.

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