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With Such A Wide Range Of Options, How Do You Know What Is Best For You?

HBM's approach to facilities management is designed to save you the time, hassle, and headache associated with keeping your facility operating at optimal capacity. From keeping electrical systems safe and efficient to ensuring your windows and landscaping are clean, our network has the talent and capacity to do it all.

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Basic Facilities Questions

Describe Your Built Environment

1. Do you Own, Lease, or Both
2. How many Locations does your school own? (Including places of residents)
3. What is the total Square Footage of all buildings in use?
4. What is the total Acreage of your site location(s)?
5. What is the total current Replacement Value of your properties?
6. What is the approximate Annual Expense towards facilities repair, replacement, and staffing?
7. How much do you spend on Utilities annually?
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Are You Up To Date And Ready To Grow?

Facilities Department

1. Is your Facilities department currently utilizing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or any other digital Work Order/Help Desk system?
2. Which Model of facilities staffing do you currently use?
3. How many facilities Staff Members do you have?
4. How many hours a year are dedicated to facilities staff Professional Development?
5. In general, what is the Response Time for a facilities request completion?
6. Does your Facilities department have a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance plan?
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Do You Do Your Own Inspection?


There are many aspects of self-inspection that need to be looked over on a continual basis. These could range anywhere from room temperature to fire safety. We have compiled a short self-assessment questionnaire to help you decide if an HBM facilities program would be beneficial to your establishment. Please click the button below to take our online assessment questionnaire so we can determine whether your needs fit our criteria.


Self-Assessment Questionnaire



We guarantee that Hines building maintenance will provide only its best services to its clientele. We promise to work hand in hand to provide ongoing services that maximize your facilities' lifespan. HBM offers you facilities maintenance, upkeep, and operations management at a fraction of what it costs you to do on your own.  

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