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Is Facilities Pro Base Level Service Right For You?

The Facilities Pro Base Level Service is typically designed for a school with an established facility budget, a total building sq. ft. above 100,000, total land acreage over 10, and has at least 600 staff and students. It aims for Schools that want to maintain a high-level of Facilities care but can be very beneficial for schools with years of built up and deferred maintenance.

If this is not you, please take a look at our Service Operations Solutions through staffing page to see how we can tailor a plan to your needs. 


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Benefits of Facility Operations Management

Our Facilities management services are designed to save you the time, hassle and headache associated with keeping your facility operating at optimal capacity. From keeping the electrical systems safe and efficient, to ensuring your windows and landscaping are clean and inviting, our network has the talent and capacity to do it all. We combine this with our Operations management solutions to get you the talented employees that you may need and bring your existing employees to performance levels you may not be able to achieve on your own. We do this with continual training and education for career advancement.  


What is Your Facilities Life Expectancy?

One big challenge is to really understand what your current facilities life expectancy is. Mistakes in this area have hindered some schools so much financially, that they end up having to cut staffing, cut enrichment programs, or even close their doors permanently.
Many schools put their focus on capital funding campaigns for new buildings, while unknown to the current generation of staff and students, other buildings are literally about to fall down or be closed temporarily for repairs, that could cost millions. Sometimes the older buildings have even been condemned after inspection.
When you start new builds or remodels your inspection cycles increase. More and more eyes are on your assets and their conditions including entities like your lending bank and government agencies, to name a few.

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Examples of Services Provided in Facilities Pro

  •   Facilities discovery program 
  •   Asset Inventory
  •   Data collection
  •   Historical data analysis
  •   Facilities Condition Assessment
  •   Facilities expense review 
  •  Pro level of preventative maintenance and inspection
  •   Skilled in-house team performing facilities repair, replacement and services 
  •   Cap-X Forecast
  •   Annual and Capital budget creation and management
  •   Presentations for Board level meetings 
  •   Project management
  •   Work Order, asset, and energy computerized systems integration, implementation and management
  •   Site Safety, Hazardous Materials, and Energy auditing, benchmarking, management and compliance 
  •   Vendor/service/material audit, negotiation and procurement 
  •   Compliance and safety training
  •   Access to HBM vendor/supplier partners
  •   Access to HBM network of Facilities Directors and Managers
  •   Access to HBM construction team   
  •   Vendor management 
  •   24-hour response 
  •   Building Maintenance
  •   Custodial/Janitorial
  •   Landscape/Hardscape