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Customized Facilities Management Plan for your School

The Main Building of the University of Helsinki, in Helsinki, Finland

Consultative Approach

It is ok to build up if you don’t have a proper facilities program now. We specialize in helping build sustainable facilities maintenance programs for our clients. It’s not just what we do, it’s what we do best. For many of us at HBM it is our life’s work.

Many of the schools we engage with do not have official facilities programs, thus do not have proper facility budgets. Many times, there is even a different understanding of what a facilities budget covers and what budget categories the facility or related structure should be in.

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Who Runs your Program?

Most schools share the higher-level responsibilities between upper and lower administrative positions. Often times they employ a day porter (daytime maintenance/set up person) who requires the help of admin, teachers, and their assistants, as well as nighttime staff. In many cases a nighttime commercial office cleaning company.
Over time, the results of these practices turn out the same. The facility suffers greatly due to not having a proper pro-active maintenance program. Then the buildings and infrastructure begin to degrade due to such a reactive maintenance cycle. This multiplies year after year to the point where you are spending thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in reactive repairs and maintenance. Or even worse, not taking action, causing small issues to snowball into large issues.


Ruins from the Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York City

Facility Life Expectancy

One big challenge is to really understand what your current facilities life expectancy is. Mistakes in this area have hindered some schools so much financially, that they end up having to cut staffing, cut enrichment programs, or even close their doors permanently, as a result.
Schools will apply too much of their focus on capital funding campaigns for new buildings. This usually leaves the current generation of staff with a budget shortfall to care for existing buildings that may not make it to their expected lifespan. If the existing infrastructure is left uncared for, they could literally collapse or have sustained so much damage they will need to be closed for repairs, that could cost millions. Sometimes the older buildings have even been condemned after inspection.

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Maintenance Plan

When you start new builds or remodels your inspection cycles increase. More and more eyes are on your assets and their conditions including entities like your lending bank and government agencies, to name a few.
You can have all the well intentions in the world, but a wrong decision or inaction can literally destroy decades of hard work that have developed a facility over many generations.
These are just a few considerations you should be aware of when making decisions regarding your facilities.
With our experience in the industry and our pro-active approach, we believe we can work with you to develop a plan which will minimize these risks.



The Best Way to Get Started

HBM has the experience to develop a plan for your school. We think the best way to get started is with a quick self-assessment. This way you already have an idea of the condition of your facility.  

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Please review the word document and fill out to the best of your ability.  This will help start the conversation. You can then submit this back to us or we can schedule a time to visit your facility and do this for you. 
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Ready to move forward?

If you reviewed the Self-Assessment and want to move to the next stage. We can look into a formal Facilities Condition Assessment. Please enter your details below or you can call us right now, 408-429-8701

We look forward to discussing your needs in more detail.

You can also request those forms here.

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