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Facilities Service for Education

elementary school

HBM knows schools, this is our life's work!

Once in a School Facilities interview, the CFO of the school asked, "what does good customer service look like to you?" Our response, “phones aren't ringing constantly, work orders are caught up, and the facilities department goes relatively unnoticed."

To us, this means the maintenance plan is working. Building systems should work and operate without being noticed by the occupants. When a system is noticed, generally, it's because there is a problem. By acting in a preventative manner, we get ahead of issues before the issue affects occupants. Thus, no ringing phones…

Disabled pupil smiling at camera in classroom at the elementary school

Elementary School

Coverage for schools of Jr. Kindergarten through the 5th grade. You are creating some of the earliest childhood school experiences and providing the foundations of lower schooling. The HBM programs are developed in accordance with your instructional needs, this means finding the best approach that aligns with students life, behavior, and learning.

What does this staffing model look like =>

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Middle School

HBM knows the 6th through 8th grade middle school experience is one that begins to cultivate lifelong skills in communication, collaboration, and creativity. In addition to the our top notch cleaning, maintenance and facilities management you have come to expect. This is also a time where the professionalism in our staff and employees and the appreciation they have for their jobs is also enriching to student life, as these employees are also role models to young minds. 

See a typical middle school staffing solution =>

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High School

Grades 9 through 12 are considered Upper School. These facilities usually consists of several buildings, classrooms, science labs, libraries, art center, counseling offices, cafeterias, gyms, locker rooms and student common areas. For some students this is their first experience on a full size campus. HBM focuses on providing a personalized and robust operations program in support of this type of learning environment.

High school staffing model =>

Group therapy in session sitting in a circle with therapist

University & Higher Education

College, Vocational Schools and other higher learning facilities have a unique set of challenges. In addition to focusing on enrollment growth, student and employee retention there is now an undertone of disinfecting and "campus safety". This is where our UltaCLean© guarantee can help ease the minds of employees and students returning to school. In addition to skilled labor, space utilization, and proper maintenance procedures. HBM believes in implementing technology and automation to help understand the trends at higher education facilities. This allows us to service you better and allows you to achieve your educational objectives.

Typical MaxOps© staffing solution =>

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