HBM Success Story

The San Francisco School

First Hand Testimonial
steve morris
Steve Morris
Head of School

HBM continues to far exceed our expectations and they have my highest recommendation

Steve Morris hired HBM in 2012, he noticed how quickly his school transformed from deteriorating environment to state of the art.

From ownership to their on the ground employees, HBM is a company that has delivered on its promises to our school for the better part of a decade.

Our transition to HBM was a significant cultural shift as we were moving from a long-time, in-house janitorial team, to Hines as a 3rd party company. This was a shift that could have easily gone sideways. HBM assured our school that the most important part of a successful school facility arrangement is to have the best skill sets with the right personalities matched to each unique community. HBM delivered in a sensitive and strategic way that has served us ever since! From our nighttime Custodians, Day Porter, Maintenance Technician or Facilities Director, HBM has provided the best facilities personnel possible for our specific community and school culture.

Working with HBM throughout the years has been instrumental to our overall success, and even more so this past year.

As a result of COVID-19, all of us in education and other essential industries were forced to learn and adapt to new ways of thinking and operating. The support and training that our Facilities Director and his onsite staff received from the HBM leadership team and his peer group of Facility Directors was vital. In partnership with Hines, we were the first school in San Francisco to pass the SFDPH School Reopening waiver inspection with a nearly perfect score. Our facilities director was with us each step of the way through the process, assuring that our school continues to be safe and secure for our staff and students.

In short, before Hines, our school was one where paint peeling off the walls and regular leaks in certain spots was a normal challenge. Today, with HBM’s partnership, we have a state of the art facility that has maintained our culture and community. HBM continues to far exceed our expectations and they have my highest recommendation.