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Our All Inclusive FacilitiesPro© Service Solutions

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Benefits of Choosing HBM

Our services are designed to save you the time, hassle, and headache associated with operating your campus smoothly. Our effective project execution encompasses all aspects of facilities management. HBM has the talent and capacity to cover energy management, facility maintenance, and safety training. We put the goals of your campus and our community first.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Communities make significant investments of funds and resources to create the perfect learning environment. HBM helps protect those investments by performing regular, preventative, and predictive maintenance. Caring for your assets in this way helps prevent them from breaking down and causing expensive emergency repairs, while simultaneously prolonging their useful lifespan. Emergency repairs tend to cost more money and take the equipment out of commission for long periods. The cost of repairs combined with the revenue lost during the downtime can cause your business to take a significant financial hit, one from which it may be difficult to recover. A strategic approach in facility maintenance helps to minimize the downtime, saving you money in the long run.

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Health and Safety Compliance

As an industry leader, we recognize that the health and safety of both students and faculty is crucial for day to day operation. In sharing this goal, we go above and beyond to stay informed and compliant with all state and local guidelines to ensure they are implemented and maintained for everyone. From the construction site to the classroom, we provide a secure work and learning environment.

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Increased Productivity

A well maintained and organized facility fosters a happier and more efficient work environment. HBM implements heightened organizational standards, paired with career development plans for our team members. This establishes a culture that inspires longevity, satisfaction, and growth in their perspective fields.

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Professional Image

A community serving facility relies heavily on displaying a professional image. HBM provides the tools you need to make a positive impression on the community by ensuring your campus stands out from the rest.

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Facility Management

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Hard Services

• Energy and Water Management
• Lighting
• Life Safety
• Plumbing and Drainage
• Building Renovation
• Roofing Services
• Gas Leak Detection
• Landscape and Hardscape
• Capital Asset Replacement

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Soft Services

• Cleaning
• Security
• Parking
• Pest Control
• Waste Disposal & Recycling
• Furniture and Equipment
• Information Systems
• Document Management
• Reception Services
• Space Management
• Fleet Service

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• Talent Management.
• Training and Development.
• Workplace Safety
• Quality Management

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• Creates a Relaxed Campus
• Conducive to Learning
• Heightened Classroom Security
• Reduce Fighting and Bullying
• Immediate Help in Emergency
• Authorization of Visitors 
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