Who is HBM?

Hines Building Maintenance is a well-established Facilities and Operations management company specializing in Educational Facilities. HBM covers all aspects of employee and built environment services. We're dedicated to client success, improving occupant well being and the professional development of our employees.

Development & Education

Caring For The People And Spaces That Are Important To You And Your Students.

Hines Building Maintenance is built on the core belief that no matter the industry, environment, or day, people matter. We cherish our opportunities to work with other leaders within the education sector to achieve built environments that are efficient, clean, fiscally responsible, and that have staff who are consistently trained through educational resources and experience with minimal downtime. Our goal is to create enhanced school facilities that are operated by our dedicated and "technology-enabled" employees.

When you choose Hines Building Maintenance as your partner in building maintenance services, you can rest assured that we'll always keep this core belief close at hand so that we can deliver advanced and innovative facility solutions with dedicated employees who work hard every day to ensure our clients' needs are met.

Planning Your Services


Our Solutions. Your Budget. Your Pace.



Maintaining & Enhancing

We Service Educational Facilities

Our company was founded with a mission: to create better learning environments for students by improving school facilities. We believe that when students are in a safe, clean environment with well-maintained facilities, they can focus on their learning and achieve at higher levels than ever before.

That's why our team is committed to helping you identify the issues in your school's facilities and offering solutions (consultation) that will make your campus more conducive for learning. We offer comprehensive Facilities Conditions Assessments of your school's infrastructure, as well as CMMS software to keep track of maintenance issues and ensure they get resolved quickly. We will either provide staff or take existing staff members and offer them both technical and managerial trainings to keep your campus running smoothly.

HBM facilities management services are designed to save you from the time, hassle and headache associated with keeping your facility operating at optimal capacity. Our internal network has the talent to help our clients move from reactive maintenance to preventative and predictive maintenance. We handle every aspect of an educational facility's needs such as real estate selection, renovation, financial considerations, facilities management, human resources, public relations, and especially professional development.

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