Four different levels of service depending on your facilities needs

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    Facilities Pro
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    Facilities Essentials
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    Facilities Assist
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    "The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is how high you raise your foot."

    - Benny Lewis, author

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    "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

    – Beverly Sills, opera singer

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    “Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Investing in our employees by providing training, benefits, and opportunities for growth, creates a stimulating workplace and one that attracts and retains talent. Our staff support team provides a wealth of facilities knowledge to out staffs, which creates a competitive advantage”.

    – Gus Garcia, Director of People Operations

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    "There can be no security where there is fear."
    - Felix Frankfurter

HBM Facilities Services

  • Hard Services
  • Soft Services
  • Staffing
  • Security

Hard Services

Whether it’s a charter, private or corporate-sponsored school start-up can be a daunting venture. At HBM, we understand the process inside and out. We are here to offer our extensive experience to parents, community members, educators and officials to ensure complete success. From your initial vision for a thriving and engaging academic community through your students first day of school. HBM will be there as your partner, helping you realize your vision of a sustainable school that makes a difference.

Soft Services

A school’s educators, staff, and administrators are the foundation of its success, and you want to make certain they have the tools they need to create a vibrant and dynamic learning environment for children. HBM's professional development programs are meaningful and transformational, and give you the confidence that you are equipping and inspiring school leaders and staff with the skills to improve your school’s culture and academic performance.


HBM provides workforce solutions for non-instructional roles. Our service models provide the staffing which will help your facility get on track to preventative maintenance. From Directors of Facilities who provide administrative support to maintenance technicians and Janitorial staff who provide the hands-on maintenance to keep your facility clean and safe. By being part of HBM’s vast network with years of workforce expertise—we bring the capability to source, recruit, train, and grow talent unlike any other facilities provider.
  • Maintain continuity of critical services for students and staff.
  • Quickly ramp up talent support where you need it most.
  • Create cost savings and operational efficiencies.
  • Focus on your full-time staff by reducing administrative burden.


Not only do the presence of security guards a proactive measures to protecting each child, but there are many essential benefits of hiring security guards to protect the students and the teachers. 

  • Security presence helps to establish and environment that is conducive to learning
  • Security guards combine forces to Teachers to Heighten Security in the Classroom
  • Monitor and Reduce Fighting and Bullying
  • Immediate help in Emergency Situations
  • Make sure everyone that walks on campus has a real need and authorization to be there
  • With security guards on campuses, kids, parents and the teachers are often more relaxed.
What to expect from your Facilities Director

MaxOps© Program Overview

Our Compressive, flexible, and yet remarkably low costs / high ROI route maintenance programs deliver extraordinary value and efficiencies that serve to help you better manage your daily facility maintenance demands.
Our commercial and industrial building maintenance programs includes a full range of services at one low price per month, covering virtually any general handyman tasks you request.
Further supporting you and your staff you have an assigned dedicated project manager to coordinate and dial in your general building maintenance needs and special requests. All this is standard procedure and included with your annual contract.

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Operations and Maintenance

O&M is the bread and butter of most Facilities Departments. Often Facilities departments get stuck in the routine of only performing daily operational tasks and reactively responding to maintenance needs. The modern-day Facilities team should be approaching O&M on a Regular, Preventative, and Predictive approach by implementing routine inspections and a comprehensive Maintenance Plan. By implementing this approach, you can expect equipment asset life cycles to be longer, reduce the risk of downtime, improve occupant satisfaction, and comply with statutory obligations.
Facility management teams schedule and track recurring work orders with the support of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system. Today’s best CMMS software programs are user-friendly, cost-effective, chat inclusive, and designed for convenient smartphone usage.

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Project Management

Possibly one of the most important pieces of your team will be the Project Manager.
Facility project managers oversee the construction and renovation of buildings, manage relationships with contractors, control space allocation and maintain facility project budgets.

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Strategic Facilities Planning

SFP is the process of strategic facility planning and should always be an ongoing process. Facilities, real estate and infrastructure should be consistently evaluated. This ensures that buildings and physical spaces are optimized in a way that is best suited to match the vision objectives of the organization. As such, the planning requires a Facilities Condition Assessment and Life-Cycle Analysis. In conjunction, social and ergonomic factors should be assessed.

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Risk Management

Practical risk assessment is a difficult task, you need to employ and expert in this field to avoid unnecessary risk and a potential lawsuit. Facility management departments must identify, evaluate, and manage both environment and safety-related challenges. Failure to properly maintain environmental, health and safety could lead to poor facility conditions that cause sickness, injury, building damage, and potential accidents.